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Hello! Welcome! My name is Nicole or Nicole Lynn on my socials. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about me & where you can find me!

About Me:

I’ve been an avid reader since around 4th grade. I wasn’t the best reader but I quickly fell into the lifelong love of reading. By 16, I had found my first historical romance at the library and I jumped head first into my love of romance books. I started primarily in historical romance before eventually branching off into paranormal / fantasy as well as suspense romance and then into contemporary, dark romance and sci-fi romance. Along that journey I was also reading New Adult books (primarily romance) as I “aged out” of YA. Still, I continue to read YA and even middle grade and picture books.

Outside of romance I enjoy mystery/thriller, some contemporary or historical fiction and then some non-fiction – primarily memoirs and biographies but a good self-help is also a go-to for me!

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